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2010-09-11 09:56 pm
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First post!

Hi! I'm a twenty-three year old History student at UCL (though I'm only just now going into my third year - I took what my dad calls 'an unprecedented number of gap years'. In my defence, I was working! :D).

I'm not new to the interwebz, but I got burnt by a particular fandom of mine a year or so back - no names named, in the grand scheme of things, it's just not that important, nor, really, very interesting. But I deleted EVERYTHING EVAR of mine in a mad panic and vowed ~never to return. (Yeah, clearly that lasted real well. ^_^) I'm only just now creeping my way back. Hopefully a fresh start is exactly what I need! One thing, though, I'm going to be avoiding RPS/RPF fandoms like the plague. I certainly don't begrudge anyone their right to write it, but that was what burnt me before, and I'm not going to get near the flames again. I'll happily fangirl actors and actresses and musicians, but it stops there, for me.

Er, right. SRS BSNS over with, hi! (again!) My one pet fear aside, I'm so looking forward to actually taking part in fandom again, so drop me a line if you're passing! I'd love to chat! ^_^